About Ascend Servers

We offer Game servers, Gaming Dedicated servers and Web-hosting as well as other various hosting solutions at Ascend Servers. We provide a top quality service using the latest technology, innovations and equipment. We offer 24x7 'Round the clock' professional support to our clients as standard and offer some of the most competitive prices on the market for our services and products.

Ascend Servers opens it's doors

Ascend Servers was started in April 2015 by 3 IT specialists with a passion for gaming, Ascend servers quickly became a known brand due to the competitive pricing and full-fledged feature set.

The cogs turn, a year of growth and expansion.

Growth led to expansion of our support and sales team. We expanded to our European location in Germany and Italy. Across multiple locations in the United States, Ascend Servers rapidly expanded to permanent locations and invested heavily in hardware to support the new infrastructure roll out.